Dan Schmuland

Nanaimo BC


NOW, you can also learn music either online via Skype or in the Nanaimo Studio from Dan Schmuland, a professional musician, record producer, composer and music teacher for for over 30 years. He will bring to your musical education a background influenced by years of study in all styles of music. Ranging from classical to modern, from world beat to the latest in pop, from acoustic to electric to voice, it's Dan's diversity and teaching experience that will make your musical journey into the world of guitar worthy of your time and effort.

Accepting interested students of all ages, any level for any style of guitar or voice or the ever popular guitar/vocals combo lessons. These are the perfect choice for developing the singer/songwriter in you. Will also effectively teach all levels of music theory and/or exam preparatory.
Tailoring study programs to your individual needs you will find learning music to be rewarding, fun, and maybe the best thing you've ever done! Just contact Dan via email or phone to setup a timeslot that works for you, dust off your guitar and get ready to make some music! REMEMBER: Music is supposed to be FUN. At Guitarra Music Studios it WILL be!!


"The most important function of a music teacher is to open up for the student the limitless possibilities inherent in the art form."
Dan's classical guitar training includes the Royal Conservatory of Toronto guitar program, his Jazz/Blues/Rock skills honed at the Grant MacEwan Music Program in Edmonton as well as countless live folk and rock band forays as singer/songwriter,lead guitarist, vocalist and front man throughout the years. Dan's extensive recording background can be utilized for any and all music recording/production projects at his state-of -the-art digital recording studio. Balancing his extensive musical education and training is his pure ability to motivate and inspire each student with the magic of the art of music.